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Photos from Charmouth, Dorset

These are a few photos from a visit in Spring 2006

Looking West towards Church Cliffs. The Blue Lias Formation can be seen in the lower cliffs. The Shales with Beef, at the base of the Charmouth Mudstone Formation, sit over and are weathered to a shallower angle. In the foreground a landslip can be seen that originated in the shales.

Looking west towards Church Cliffs.

The next photo shows the Shales with Beef, and the Black Ven Marls over. The beds, as viewed at the cliff face, dip towards Charmouth car park to the East. To the left, and out of the photo, the cliffs extend higher into younger beds. These are overlaid unconformably by Cretaceous strata.

Shales with Beef and Black Ven Marls.

Looking East to the aptly named Golden Cap. Here the unconformity with Cretaceous beds sitting over those from the Middle Lias can be seen -- the "golden" is the colour of the Cretaceous beds.The lowest part of the Cliff is composed of the Green Ammonite Beds. This is followed by the Three Tiers, Eype Clay, and then the Down Cliff Sands. The apparent East dip of the beds continues from Church Cliff as shown in the first photo, and terminates at the valley to the West of Golden Cap. The cliffs to the left in the photo show the Belemnite Marls below the Green Ammonite Beds. In the foreground can be seen the Shales with Beef forming ledges just to the West of Charmouth car park. All the Jurassic beds in this photo are part of the Charmouth Mudstone Formation. The youngest (at the unconformity in Golden Cap) are from the Toarcian Stage, the oldest (the foreground ledges) are Lower Sinemurian.

Looking east towards Golden Cap.