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More fossils from the Westbury Formation

This page has pictures of common Westbury Formation fossils from the UK that aren't shown in the Fossils from the Westbury Formation article. These have been collected by myself from various localities in Somerset, Devon, Wales and South Gloucestershire.

This first one is a plesiosaur vertebra, as found. In other words it needs a bit of cleaning up! It's photographed from a lateral view and being held by the dorsal edge. They're not uncommon, but as they're fairly big they do quickly get picked up by collectors. This one is about 80mm across.

Plesiosaur vertebra

This is a vertebra from the small aquatic reptile Pachystropheus rhaeticus. Length 15mm

Pachystropheus rhaeticus vertebra

And a Pachystropheus rhaeticus limb bone. This, along with the elongate bivalve moulds on the same slab, is current-aligned (actually it's more apparent if you can see the whole slab, so you best just take my word for it). Length 70mm.

Pachystropheus rhaeticus limb bone

Bits of Pachystropheus rhaeticus are quite common at several locations, this is an ilium surrounded by pyrite crystals. Length 30mm.

Pachystropheus rhaeticus ilium

A piece of basal bone bed from South Gloucestershire with a section through a shark fin spine seen as a "v" shape with a serrated apex. The serrations would be seen as longitudinal grooves on the anterior surface of a whole specimen. You can also see rounded clasts of Blue Anchor Formation, pieces of bone and coprolites.

basal bone bed with fin spine section

A plesiosaur humerus. Length 110mm.

Plesiosaur humerus

An ichthyosaur tooth. Length 25mm.

Ichthyosaur tooth