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Acorn Lake

I've been fishing a small local carp water this season (2004). It's in North Somerset, around 4 acres in size, and contains a good number of fish, mainly doubles, with a few twenties to around 26lb. View from peg 8 Despite the large head of fish, it's not exactly easy, although certainly not the hardest place in the world. My first few trips during the summer months of 2004 were uneventful, but once the temperature started cooling off, I managed a fish or two on the nights I fished. Nothing too big though, only low doubles like the one in the photo.

The lake was constructed about four years ago, and although it's a little bare in the winter, the many trees that have been planted give the place a more natural feel during the summer months. I've plumbed a few of the swims and found a lot of the water at around 6' deep. There are, however, gullies as well as areas of shallower water. There are some photos in the lodge that give an indication as to where these are which were taken when the lake was drained to remove surplus fish a few years after it was opened.

Although certain swims are more popular than others, I think this is a kind of self-perpetuating thing, in that invevitably more people fish these spots so more fish are caught. As the water is relatively small, most areas can be covered from several swims, anyway. In fact, in my limited experience there, I think if the fish are having it, then you'll catch just about anywhere.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get one of the 20lb commons, that's the plan, but I'm going to have to get through a lot of smaller ones first. I fished boilies over hemp until mid-October 2004; this seemed to be drawing fish into the swim. Although when it got colder of a night, and the fishing seemed slower generally, I was just fishing hookbaits with a few free offerings. Having said that, I was surprised by the number of fish moving up on top even through the night when temperature was nearly low enough for a frost. It certainly gives confidence knowing fish are over your baits, although in a heavily stocked 4 acre water it's logically almost inevitable, but still, nice to see 'em.

If you're thinking of visiting you can find the contact details quite easily using google, or by ringing your local tackle shop. It does get very busy at weekends, though, so you'll be better off booking in advance. Midweek is quieter, and my prefered time.

13lb common 14lb mirror