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Severnichthys contains articles relating to my interests here in Britain. The geology and fossils material is accessed via the menu on the left, and fishing-related items are on the opposite side of this page. Many of the articles listed under geology are photographic records of trips I've made to various areas of interest, though they also contain notes, and in some cases I've annotated the photographs, too. In the fossil section are a few more detailed articles with photographs people might find useful for identification purposes; although be aware that this is only an amateur interest and so inevitably there may be some errors. I've included a bibliography at the end of each page in the fossils section that lists the material I've read prior to writing it. On the fishing side, the pieces I've written cover a variety of subjects: some discuss specific venues, others briefly give my opinions on various issues.

And why the name, you may ask? Well, fish seem to be a theme that feature in a number of my interests, and those interests are carried out, often, along the shores of the Severn Estuary in the UK. Hence Severn - ichthys, the latter being the Greek word for fish -- not that there is a Greek connection. It just happens that the fossil teeth and jaws of a fish named Severnichthys acuminatus are commonly found in certain areas of the estuary, so the name seemed to fit.

With regard to the site layout, it's supposed to be functional rather than the latest in web design. It's put together in a basic html editor and Windows Notepad, so at least the pages shouldn't take forever to load.

So, I hope you enjoy reading what I've put together. As I've indicated, the subjects discussed are just hobbies, so don't take what I say as gospel. Hopefully, though, what you find here will spark an enthusiasm to read further from more authoritative sources.

Bass from Portishead


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